Saturday, December 3, 2011

SBT and Gradle

Liistening to a not quite cent episode of Java Posse podcast, I heard them talk about two new build tools that are in the running to succeed Maven and Apache Ivy. They are SBT and Gradle respectively.

As with the rest of the Java community who are moving on, one is Scala based and the other is Groovy based.

I'm not going to get into a Scala vs Groovy thing here, as i can't say I know either of them to a high enough level to really make a fair comparison.

I've had a poke at both of them, and so far, I'm really diggin the simplicity of SBT and it's interactive features for working with Scala, which are super nice.

I've only got a small example going with my EVE project, and it so small it's barely worth posting. Having said that, it did clue me in to working with scalatest, which is much more elegant than JUnit. I'm curious to use it also with JUnit and java code, I've heard that it can work well with both Scala sources and Java. The interactive test suite features seem like a really awesome feature, continuous integratinon built right in.

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