Monday, August 22, 2011

Mac OS X to Windows

I am traveling at the moment, so my SO wanted to use my older laptop to check email etc upstairs as she normally just uses my iPad.

She's been running OS X for some years and Lion since it came out.

As a demonstration of how far the gap is starting to widen (in neither a necessarily good way or a bad way), she couldn't figure out how to scroll a window. I had to instruct her how to use a scroll bar over again.

As the gap between OS X widens, those that love will possibly start to triumph. Imagine there are ten people in an office. Five are die hard Mac lovers and the other five could care less. They normally use windows, but have no reall opinion one way or the others. Let's face it, there aren't too many folks who LOVE windows the way there are with OS X. Those five are going to campaign for OS X day and night until the boss relents just to shut them up. Now the other five are swept along with the tide, and wether or not they turn into OS X fans, they are now using OS X.

The question for me is at what point does OS X hit critical mass, or am I just a wind bag full of hot air?

I'll say this much, we are having a big developer knees up this week and most of the technical tutorials are handing out instructions like: if you have a windows laptop, you will need to install a Linux VM to participate, OS X users are fine.


The company hasn't officially supported OS X for very long and already, almost every major developer in the group is using OS X to the exclusion of Windows. In some cases because the tools just don't exist for windows!!

I'm somewhat in the same boat, though not quite to that extent, my daily work is significantly easier on OS X, though possible on windows, those using windows seem to struggle with the tools, spending more time fixing things and rebooting than seems sensible.

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